Rector's speech



Dear Academic Community,

Dear Colleagues,

Dear Students,


Our Academy, quietly waiting for us during the past two summer months, has opened its door again as we together are just entering the new academic year 2015/2016. The Academy has slightly changed – it has been renovated, somewhat reconstructed, and facelifted to a certain extent. However, in a sense, it still remains the same – it still remains ours.

I would like to welcome all my colleagues. I am happy that we will be seeing each other again in this academic environment, that we will be discussing the issues which the academic year brings, that we will be cooperating on scientific projects, organizing conferences and gradually moving our Academy forward in all areas of its activity. But most importantly, let us be meeting in good health, peace, mutual respect and understanding.     

I would like to welcome our students, especially the new ones, starting to live a student life with their peers. May you help each other, study with joy and eagerness to learn new, unknown things, absorb all the knowledge that your teachers will pass on to you, be part of this unique school.

I wish you all a lot of energy for work and real enjoyment from it, success in your study, and those who are going to take their final examinations a pass in them.

We are beginning the new academic year with zeal and enthusiasm for work as well as with dignity and willingness to dedicate something to this Academy. Let us leave behind what was bad and let us start off on the right foot.


Your Rector



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