The Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava falls under to a university system of the Slovak Republic and operates as a state university.  Throughout its existence, the Academy has been carrying out its mission by training high quality and professionally skilled specialists for the needs of the Police Force, special units of Ministry of Interior and other state and non-state security services. A decisive attention has been paid to this particular issue. The Academy efforts tend to develop a graduate profile and teaching programs in harmony with recent as well as perspective needs of the police and security practice.

From the very beginning, the Academy operates as an open university what means that civilian students are granted permission to be trained in study field security services and since the academic year 2005/2006 in accredited study programs, in particular within study field Protection of people and property and Security public-administration services. Study programs security-law protection of people and property are set for future employees of the Police Force and other security services. The training is provided in all three degrees. Study programs security-law services in public administration offer training in the first two degrees and are set for future employees in public administration.

Study content is defined in study plans and further specified in curricula. The core organizational training forms are lectures, seminars, practical sessions and others. Every subject is assessed by a credit or exam during an exam session at the end of each semester.  As a rule, students are obliged to pass five exams out of the core subjects as established in a study plan and complete a minimum amount of credits in a single year.








At the end of study, Bachelor students write and defend a final thesis and shall pass a final state exam from fixed subjects. Master students write and defend a diploma thesis and shall pass state exams from fixed subjects. Doctorate study is accomplished once a student passes a dissertation exam and defences a dissertation thesis. A standard length of Bachelor study in internal and external forms is three years; of Master study in internal and external forms is two years. Doctorate study is realized in external form and lasts five years.

The Academy applies a structural study system in terms of the content, methodology and organization corresponding to graduate profile requirements. This system supports to develop graduates profile in separate blocks of compulsory optional subjects focusing on the needs of police and security practice in areas the students are trained. It proceeds from accomplished secondary training and post-secondary training at Police colleges and other security services.

The training concept support the flexible respond to dynamic development of research in policing and other sciences which are the resource for subjects incorporated in the study programs as well as recent needs of the police and security practice.








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