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Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as “Academy”) was established by the Slovak National Council Act No. 370/1992 Coll. of 15 June 1992. Its original name was changed by the Act No. 324/1996 Coll. of 20 November 1996 (which changes and supplements Act No. 172/1990 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions, as amended by Act No. 41/1994 of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, and on changes of the names of some higher institutions) onto its current name Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava.

From the time of its establishment the Academy was carrying out its mission by providing university training and conducting research in study field security services and its specializations. The Academy started its activities on the 1st October 1992 by a grand opening of the academic year 1992/1993 in internal and external Bachelor study programs.

After a two-year period, during which a qualified teaching and research staff was established and international co-operation was in function, conditions for enlarging the Academy´s competences were achieved. Upon the approval of an accreditation file by Accreditation Commission of Higher Education the Academy was granted competences for realizing Master study and rigorous proceedings in study field security services, doctoral study in research field policing and habilitation and inauguration ceremonies for the appointment of professors.

In accordance with the Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on Universities and amending certain acts as amended the Academy approached a university system transformation. The Academy mainly focused on the preparation and accreditation of study programs in new study fields, having introduced a credit system according to European Credit Transfer and Credit Accumulation (ECTS) and three-degree university education. Upon recommendation of Accreditation Commission of Higher Education, advisory body of the Slovak government, since the 2nd September 2004 the Academy has been entitled to run study programs security-law protection of people and property in study field 8.3.1 Protection of people and property in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree and study programs security-law services in public administration in study field 8.3.2 Security public-administration services in Bachelor and Master degrees. On the 13th November 2006 the Academy has been entitled to carry out habilitation and inauguration ceremonies for the appointment of professors in study field Protection of people and property.


Since the academic year 2005/2006 the Academy enrols students only for new accredited study programs within three-degree university training on the basis of a credit system.

In 2007 the Academy joined a program of institutional evaluation carried out by European University Association (EUA) which was being executed by academic experts from Ireland, Greece and Finland.  In the final report they positively assessed the Academy´s activities, strategy and procedures and stated that quality of education in the Academy was comparable with the international criteria of university training.

In compliance with a plan of complex accreditations of the Slovak universities, in 2008 the Academy submitted supporting documents to Accreditation Commission of Higher Education in order to examine the quality of study programs, research, development and creativity. Further supporting documents were submitted in order to acknowledge the capability to carry out habilitation ceremonies and appointment of professors. Upon a positive acknowledgement of Accreditation Commission, on the 12th June 2009 the Minister of Education of the Slovak Republic confirmed all granted competences with no time restraints and the Academy was incorporated into a university system.

The core assets of the Academy, which was established in the period of acquiring the Slovak statehood and transformation onto a democratic society, are the graduates. From its foundation, the Academy has provided training to 4.814 graduates. Out of this number 1.352 are Bachelor graduates and 3.462 are Master graduates. 127 doctorate graduates have acquired a scientific degree „philosophiae doctor“ (PhD.). The quality of training may also be seen in the interest of foreign students. So far, 147 students from the Czech Republic have graduated the Master study.

Within continuing education (qualification, re-qualification, language trainings and other courses) in average 700 police officers, employees of Ministry of Interior and other state security forces are trained a year.

Till nowadays, Scientific Board granted a scientific degree associated professor to 66 applicants, approved 13 proposals for professors´ appointment and 1 proposal for granting a scientific degree doctor of science Dr.Sc.. Moreover, 4 outstanding personalities acquired a honorary degree „Doctor honoris causa“ and 1 personality acquired a title emeritus professor.

In 2002 the quality of pedagogical and research work was awarded by the President of the Slovak Republic by “Cross of the President of SR – II. Instance”.