Criminal Police Department

The Criminal Police Department was founded at the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava in the academic year 1994/1995 in response to the needs of police theory and practice. Since its foundation, it has had the character of an expert scientific-pedagogical workplace. The department, as one of the key workplaces of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, provides pedagogical activity, scientific research and methodological activities in the field of study of the Security Sciences and the accredited study programme Protection of Persons and Property. The main focus of the department’s activities is on the teaching of specialised subjects such as Operative Search Activity and Criminal Intelligence. The appropriate level of the subjects is necessarily determined by the constant professional and scientific development of the most up-to-date content and methodology of the study subjects forming the specialisation.

The department significantly contributes to the professional specialisation of students of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava in all forms of study. Particular attention is paid to theoretical and scientific research activities. The research is aimed at solving specific problems in the field of safety practice. The department organises several international scientific conferences involving experts from the security theory and practice. The results of the scientific research activities carried out by the department employees are continuously implemented into study materials – university textbooks, scientific and professional monographs, scientific studies and scientific articles.


[department{Katedra kriminálnej polície}]