Information Science and Management Department

The Department of Information Science and Management carries out education and research in two relatively independent groups of study subjects – Management and Information Science. In line with the profile of the graduate of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, the department aims to provide professional training in employee management in individual departments of the police / security services or public administration organisations. The aim of the education is to provide knowledge on the key managerial activities and management methods focusing on leadership, familiarising the students with the key management competencies, effective resources management, and optimal application of the principles of personal management and time management. Education in Information Science subjects develops the skills in using management information systems, specialised information systems designed for practical security work as well as searching in the freely available open sources. The ability to correctly assess the obtained information is increasingly required by the application practice and is a good prerequisite for effective and efficient managerial decision-making on the relevant level of management of a state administration or a public administration organisation. Management education in a broader context prepares the graduates of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava for the positions of coordinators and integrators who can harmonise, guide, use productively and enhance the work of the individuals as well as harmonise the dispositions of the team members to strengthen the synergic effect of the group. An integral part of the work of the department members is providing training in management and information science for other units of the ministry or organisations outside of the ministry.


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