Public Law Department

The Department of Public Law belongs to the most important departments with legal specialisation. The department builds the necessary professional, theoretical and positive law foundations for the subsequent study of the related legal subjects in the study programmes of Security and Legal Protection of Persons and Property and Security and Legal Services in Public Administration. The department covers the subjects of public law (Constitutional Law, Theory of State and Law, History of State and Law, International Law, European Union Law etc.) at the Bachelor's and Master's levels and also participates in providing further education. The offer of the subjects and their content respond to the needs of the social and police practice and the requirements of the purposes of the Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava.

In the teaching process, the teachers aim to pass on not only theoretical knowledge but also confront the students with practical issues through analytical thinking.

As part of their publication activities members of the department have released several textbooks, teaching texts and other teaching aids for the courses provided.

The research and teaching staff are also active in their specific fields by publishing monographs, studies, professional articles or other scientific outputs. 

The department holds regular scientific-theoretical events, such as seminars and scientific conferences, whether as part of their current scientific research tasks or as part of the cooperation with other domestic and foreign schools, bodies and institutions.


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