Foreign Languages Department

The Department of Foreign Languages provides the teaching of general and specialised communication in the English, German and Russian Languages for both study programmes. The purpose of the specialised foreign language subjects is to develop language skills aimed at a specific use of foreign languages as a means of communication in police practice and public administration. Apart from academic education, the Department of Foreign Languages offers specialised language courses in the system of further education of police officers. The department cooperates with the offices and departments of the Ministry of Interior of the SR, it provides the testing and assessment of the linguistic competences of police officers, for example, candidates for the position of a police attaché and liaison officer, applicants for a place in the database of a Foreign Unit of the Police Force, applicants for a place in the database of peacekeeping missions and operations of crisis management. 

The scientific and research activity of the department focuses on the research on applying new e-trends in foreign language education for specific purposes, standardisation of police language education and intercultural communication in a specific multicultural environment.


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